Actor Joseph Dewey: Do You Love it Enough?

Actor Joseph Dewey: Do You Love it Enough?

My earliest memory of getting into the industry is being called downstairs by my mum one evening when I was 7, and being shown a leaflet of a local drama school. I instantly fell in love and from there, going to The BRIT School and Bird College I didn’t once look back. Now when people ask me for advice and wise words about the industry, all that springs to mind is ‘Do you love it enough?’

The industry can seem very attractive and glamorous from the outside but believe me, it is not. So ‘Do you love it enough?’

Do you love it enough to have doors slammed in your face?

Do you love it enough to breathe acting everyday?

Do you love it enough to constantly be skint?

Do you love it enough to get random jobs just to pay bills?

Do you love it enough to spend cold, wet days on set?

Do you love it enough to not have sick days?

Do you love it enough to be judged?

Do you love it enough to miss family meet ups?

Do you love it enough to never know why you didn’t get that job?

And the list could go on and on…

If the answer to these is ‘yes’ and you are willing to make acting your priority then that and talent is all you need to pursue your acting dream. It is a tough industry out there but if you network, make your own work and better yourself everyday, you WILL get to where you want to be.

It can take years to become an over night success, so keep pushing, keep moving and keep creating. Remember that everyone’s path in life is different; so don’t compare yourself to others. There is nothing more powerful than a positive mental attitude in this industry. And although yes, some days it will be really hard but if you can train yourself to have a thick skin (literally rhino thick) then you are ready for this industry and all you have to then do is work hard and enjoy doing it.

I think if I had known the industry was as tough as it was when I was that little kid I would have still entered it. Because you know what—‘I love it enough’.

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