Jennifer Lawrence on the Business Side of Things

Jennifer Lawrence on the Business Side of Things

Some of the best advice for aspiring actors has come from award-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who was featured in Time‘s “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2013, as well as in the Forbes “Celebrity 100” in both 2014 and 2016. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Lawrence emphasizes the importance of handling your career as a business – your business. She goes on to explain how she figured all of this out.

In the earlier years of her acting career, the Golden Globe winner says she viewed herself simply as an artist who need not concern herself so much with the business matters. However, she later came to understand that if she wanted to be truly successful, she could no longer avoid dealing with the finances, contracts, and other issues that had little to nothing to do with her acting abilities. Now, Lawrence explains, she views her career as her business and does whatever it takes to run a business functionally.

The actress says she can no longer take a back seat to business matters and finds confidence in her ability to manage them all. Not only that, adds the Hunger Games star, but you actually gain more freedom over the creative side of your career when you take control over the business aspects. Taking care of business literally enables you to expand your creative endeavors, which is very important in this industry.

So, how to do all of this? Lawrence says that she responds immediately to her agent and answers every phone call, text, and email she receives that pertains to her business. The artist says that confidence is key. Knowing who you want to be and really owning it plays into the business side of things. For example, she says that she always wanted to be the one who is confident enough to say what needs to be said in negotiations, even if it makes everyone feel uncomfortable or could cause turbulence. If it needs to be said, be sure of yourself enough to just say it.

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