Michaela Coel: Preparing for a Role

Michaela Coel: Preparing for a Role

Hilarious British actress, Michaela Coel, has an impressive background that moves beyond acting to encompass her achievements as a screenwriter, singer, songwriter, poet, and playwright. As the star and mastermind behind the hit UK TV series, Chewing Gum, Coel has emerged as a well-respected female artist in the entertainment industry. Her acting and writing advice in a fascinating interview holds much value for blossoming actors trying to solidify their careers.

Coel explains that she strives to find some kind of connection with the character she intends to play the role of. She also looks for exceptional writing talent. And finally, the award-winning actress encourages actors to evaluate if they are actually capable of playing a particular role before pursuing it. In other words, know and understand your limits as a performer.

The British starlet emphasizes the importance of preparing for your role, as well. Memorizing your lines, she says, is absolutely the most important part. Coel adds that, if it is a real-life character, do some research. Learn and memorize his or her mannerisms, gestures, and speech patterns until you can easily replicate them all.

It is also important, she says, to be open-minded when you show up on set. Be willing to be guided by the director, as opposed to having black and white ideas of how the character’s role should be performed. Coel says that actor-directors are far more interested in the performance compared to non-actor-directors who are more concerned with the visuals than the performance.

Finally, Coel says to remember that achieving success in acting involves a lot of hard work, but also some luck. Try not to take rejection so personally, as many times it is not personal at all. They are just looking for the right person for the right part. And someday, that will be you!