Ros Hubbard: How to Nail an Audition

Ros Hubbard: How to Nail an Audition

Known for her work in The Mummy, Enemy at the Gates, and many more favorite films, Ros Hubbard recently spoke to Spotlight at the Galway Film Fleadh. In the interview, the world-renowned casting director has fantastic advice for emerging performers on how to nail an audition.   She breaks it down into a few key steps.

Owning the Part

Hubbard says aspiring artists need to play their roles as if that is what they were meant to do. Not just an actor playing a part, but actually making it yours, as if you are actually the character. She cannot emphasize her words enough: own the part.


When auditioning or creating reels for yourself, the talented casting director recommends making the background very simple. Avoid sitting in front of windows, in busy parks, or chaotic streets. Opt for light, yet plain, backgrounds with minimal props, she adds.

Hubbard encourages performers to bring a reader in, as opposed to reading in for yourself. Ideally, you should bring in another actor to read in. Always face whoever you are reading with. And, most importantly, she says, be real. Own the part, as she repeatedly states.

Going Off-Bookphoto

The Angela’s Ashes casting director encourages actors to be “off-book”. Get creative with the lines you were given, without losing or distracting the storyline. How to do it? Hubbard says to listen to the lines you are being fed and you will hear the line (in your mind) that is meant to come back. It will simply come to you.