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  • It can take years to become an over night success, so keep pushing, keep moving and keep creating. Remember that everyone’s path in life is different; so don’t compare your

  • In an interview with Charlie Rose, Lawrence emphasizes the importance of handling your career as a business – your business. She goes on to explain how she figured all...

  • The award-winning performer explains that he got a late start in his career, starting with a low-paying theater job at the age of 29 in the play, “Imperfect Love”,

  • In the interview, the world-renowned casting director has fantastic advice for emerging performers on how to nail an audition. She breaks it down into a few key steps.

  • The award-winning actor advises against overthinking. Do not entertain ideas about how to spin it or interpret it, he says. That is giving and doing too much.

  • The gifted actor reminds emerging artists that the road to stardom won’t be an easy undertaking and will be filled with many varied obstacles.

  • Academy Award-winning actress, Dame Judi Dench, has spent decades playing a variety of roles that highlight the diversity of her impeccable acting abilities.

  • Coel explains that she strives to find some kind of connection with the character she intends to play the role of. She also looks for exceptional writing talent.

  • How does one best play the role of a serial killer? Just ask one of the most well-known film serial killers in human history: Mr. Anthony Hopkins.

  • If you want to make it as an actor, you can’t just wait around to be discovered anymore --you have to get out there and market yourself. Although industry experts agree...

  • “An actor is supposed to create a compelling interesting character that serves the text, you present it in the environment where your audition happens, and then you walk...

  • ACTORS WANTED: We know the life of an actor isn't all glitz, glamour and fun. It can be really tough out there but it’s always good to know you’re not alone!

  • As an actor, when approaching a new role, getting into the skin, mind, and body of the character is a must. to achieve a believable, moving and satisfactory result with you

  • Can you imagine two of Hollywood’s most talented and respected actors, Tom Hanks and Viola Davis sharing the big screen? Yes, it brought a smile to my face also.

ルイヴィトンiphoneケースの絶対旅行の精神 LOUIS VUITTONは、ブランドの「旅行精神」を徹底的に追求するため、150年もの間、カスタマイズされたサービスを引き続き提供してきましたが、お客様の要件をできる限り満足させると主張していますが、 家に置くことができる家具は全く自由であり、麻雀、テニスラケット、ゴルフクラブ、トランプや箸などの「旅行用品」は問題ありません。 1984年には、この「旅の精神」が他の分野にも広がり、ブランド携帯ケースは正式にはアメリカン?カップ(American Sailing Cup)のスポンサーとなりました。これは冒険旅行スポーツであっただけでなく、帆船が生まれた 1851年)ルイ?ヴィトンがブランドを創設したのと同じ時代でした!