Why Should You do a Script Analysis?

Why Should You do a Script Analysis?


As an actor, when approaching a new role, getting into the skin, mind and body of the character is a must. to achieve a believable, moving and satisfactory result with your performance.

Analyzing a script is more than just doing a read-through: the important thing is to truly understand the core of it, and gain a powerful insight of the journey of the character and having an understanding of the circumstances that got them there.

Doing your own character work is important, but in order to prepare yourself for a great performance, it is important to find the “clues” in the script, which will help you identify other aspects of your character, such as his / her current situation, the story, perhaps a little bit of background information.

To be able to bring the character to life in the best possible way, you need to have a clear picture of what’s going on around them and be truly grounded with the character in any given space and time. The script will also provide insights on the tonal shifts in the story: you can mark these tonal shifts to represent a change in mood, or any other “beat change”, which is almost like a change in the emotional delivery of a sentence.

For example, take a sentence like.

“I hate this restaurant, but the coffee is good, though.”

This particular sentence remarks two different “emotions” from the character, so you could split it into two different “beats”.

“I hate this restaurant // but the coffee is good, though”, in the first part of a sentence, the character expresses disappointment, while in the second half, marked by the “//” symbol, is expressing something positive instead.

All good scripts I have come across have been filled with “emotional cues”. Find them and use them to your advantage, and you will be able to give your best performance and bring your character to life!

~ James